How to Use BR Works 

How to Use
BR Works

Looking for the perfect career match? Use these simple steps to start using BR Works to your advantage.

1. Browse Job Openings

Search for a specific job title 

Looking for a specific job? Use the Jobs search function to type in specific job titles.  

Filter for better results 

Refine your job search by filtering for a specific industry, city, company or job type within the Jobs feature. 

2. Get Matched

Create a profile 

The best way to use BR Works is to create a profile. Start by sharing your interests and selecting your skills, then upload your resume. All the information will be used to match you with the best job for you and your skills. 

Save skills and jobs 

Star skills that you’d like to improve and jobs you’re interested in to save them on your profile. And hit the plus to add skills you already have to your resume. 

Apply for a job 

Follow the flame to find jobs with the highest match to your skills.  

3. View Upskilling Opportunities

Find local programs 

Need new skills to better match the job you want? Consider upskilling by enrolling in local programs to gain new skills. 

Browse online courses 

Quickly add skills to your profile by taking online courses. Browse offerings in the upskilling tab. 


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